The new TLA website is going live soon!

We have finished our new site and will be making it “live” quite soon. We will welcome suggestions for improvements from our members – watch for the new site to appear.

If you are subscribed to receive updates by email, we will be working to move your subscription to the new site post-launch (for technical reasons). Thanks for your patience – you can subscribe again at the new site if you don’t want to wait!


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Camp Wabun trippers return from James Bay

Wabun trippers return to camp

Wabun girls return

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TLA Cornroast & BBQ – this Saturday

TLA corn roast_music Times 2014

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Temagami Times – Summer 2014

Temagami Times_Summer 2014 cover

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The Lake is Open!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

photos by Shawn Forsythe (between 1400-1500, May 11th, 2014)


Breakup is happening! Spring has arrived on Lake Temagami!

“The ice is going. On May 11 around noon temperatures around 20C and winds out of the west moved ice around and really opened things up around Garden Island. I hear that there are boats travelling to the landing from Bear Island. Access to islands for the Canadian long weekend next week should be possible for all.”

Out to the Ice May 11, 2014May 11, 2014 looking to Devil's Mt.

Parked Canoe May 8, 2014

Parked Canoe May 8, 2014

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Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime!

 Webmaster and/or WIT (Webmaster in Training)

 The Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) is seeking a Webmaster and/or a WIT (Webmaster in Training) for an active membership-focused organization. The current website was developed using WordPress and is stored on a WordPress server. It is an application that the applicant is expected to be fluent in order to make design changes and contribute to updates to the TLA website on a monthly basis, approximately 7-10 hrs more or less per month depending on requirements.

Using WordPress, the Webmaster will maintain the TLA website by making regular updates to calendar events, articles, job listings, minutes and newspaper postings, photos and new content pages. The Webmaster will be posting to the blog on a regular basis with input from TLA staff and Board members and making any design changes to the website that they see will improve the user interface and the overall look of the website. The Webmaster performs regular checks to repair broken links and to fix issues with content such as videos, links and photographs.

The Webmaster will also be expected to optimize web site content for search engine marketing purposes and incorporating an e-commerce solution so that members can pay membership fees, submit donations and order products online. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in photography and/or the ability to manipulate photos for a high degree of presentation throughout the website.

The Webmaster will ensure that the site meets the requirements of members and the public, including those with disabilities. This will involve reviewing the user interface, website statistics and monitoring usage and traffic levels, checking that the site achieves a high position in search engines by employing search engine optimization techniques to improve rankings.

Required Education and/or Training, Experience and Skills:

  •  College and/or post-secondary education or training in any field
  • Previous Web maintenance/design/development experience and content creation
  • Proficiency in HTML and WordPress
  • Skilled with Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, MS Word and Excel
  • At least 2 past experiences with designing, maintaining and/or creation of a website.
References will be required upon request.

Please email your resume AND a cover letter describing your experience and skills as they relate to the position and include a paragraph of why you would like to become the Webmaster for the Temagami Lakes Association to:

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Temagami Times Winter 2014

Temagami Times Winter 2014 cover

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Dan O’Mara as Councilor

“At its regularly scheduled meeting of Oct. 29 Temagami Municipal Council appointed lake resident, and TLA member, Dan O’Mara to replace Lori Hunter as Councilor to fulfill the remaining 12 months of this term of council.”

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Bald Eagle and Family of Loons

photo by Trisha Healy

Bald eagle on dead pine

photo by Adam Tretjack

baby loon and parents

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Council votes to appoint Councilor Lori Hunter as Mayor

At its regularly scheduled Council Meeting of Aug. 29, 2013 Temagami Muncipal Council voted to appoint Councilor Lori Hunter as Mayor to replace Mayor John Hodgson who resigned due to conflicting business committments. Lori Hunter will fill the position for the remaining 14 months of this Council’s term of office.

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Silent Auction 2013

Photos by Allan Eustis 1076

The TLA Champagne/Corn roast/BBQ on July 27, 2013 at Camp Wabun was a lot fun and a tremendous financial success in support of our water quality initiatives. Book early for next year – same place on July 26, 2014.

Wabun_Auction_1 Wabun_Auction_2 Wabun_Auction_3 Wabun_Auction_4 Wabun_Auction_5 Wabun_Auction_6 --

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Devil Point up in Smoke

photos by David Cain

IMG_8681 IMG_8654 IMG_8613 IMG_8596 IMG_8571 IMG_8557 IMG_8495

For more photos of the fire click here. All photos by Susie Shane

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Mayor Resigns

Temagami Mayor John Hodgson in a letter to Muncipal Council has tendered his resignation effective Aug. 31, 2013. Mayor Hodgson’s resignation was prompted by a change in his personal employment status.

Muncipal Council has the authority to appoint a new mayor from within, from the community or hold a by election. There is one year remaining on this council’s four year term.

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Talk to us!


speaker's megaphoneWe want to hear your response to the Draft Lake Temagami Fire Protection Report at a Special Municipal Council Meeting July 24, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the Bear Island Recreation Centre.

If you require a hard copy of the report, please let me know. It is an 88 page document and I will only be printing it off for those who request it by the end of the day on the 23rd.
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Blueberries Galore

It’s blueberry season on Lake Temagami!

That means blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins and many bowls of blueberries.

summer blueberries framed

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2013 “Special Event” at Camp Wabun

2013 “Special Event” at Camp Wabun

corn roast

* Select the poster to view it in a larger format.
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Loon Nesting Platforms

Two loon nests built and installed this spring by
TLA directors Justin Metz and Pete Calverley

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Ice Breakup is Complete

Ice breakup is complete

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The ice is for the most part gone.

On Monday May 6 the ice is for the most part gone. There remains some in the extremities of the various arms as I can still see ice to the North Arm towards Keewaydin, We are however travelling by boat to the landing and elsewhere in the hub. A mosquito sighting yesterday means that summer 2013 has officially begun.                                           PJ Healy

Ice is gone May 5, 2013

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Breakup Update for Lake Temagami Access

Break up continues with temperatures in the mid 20′s C helping greatly. I expect all islands to be accessible for the weekend of May 11. People are travelling by boat from Bear Island to the landing however I am unable to access either the north or west side of Bear Island to do the same. I expect to be able to reach the landing in a couple of days. Certainly the North Arm and perhaps others will take longer.                                         PJ Healy

2nd day they have unsuccessfully attempted to get to Witches Point

2nd day they have unsuccessfully attempted to get to Witches Point

May 3

ski doo

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Appleby College students move out-of-doors

Appleby College (high school) students walk to Rabbitnose Island for their winter science camp experience where they will build ice houses and live out on the lake.

Appleby students

Snow House

snow house

Snow Village

snow village

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Moving snow to insulate fish huts keeps this operator warm.

John Moskwa March 13 with snow On March 12 I ran into John Moskwa, Loon Lodge, loading snow into a toboggan. The snow he had piled around all of his fish huts/bungalows had melted so to provide insulation he had to rebank each one. I guess you all thought fish hut operators just sat inside collecting money. Not true. Tough way to make a living. Join them for a Loon Burger this summer.
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Champagne Corn Roast & BBQ

TLA 2013 poster for Champagne Corn Roast and BBQ

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Temagami Times – Winter 2013

Winter 2013_Page_01

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