Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime!

 Webmaster and/or WIT (Webmaster in Training)

 The Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) is seeking a Webmaster and/or a WIT (Webmaster in Training) for an active membership-focused organization. The current website was developed using WordPress and is stored on a WordPress server. It is an application that the applicant is expected to be fluent in order to make design changes and contribute to updates to the TLA website on a monthly basis, approximately 7-10 hrs more or less per month depending on requirements.

Using WordPress, the Webmaster will maintain the TLA website by making regular updates to calendar events, articles, job listings, minutes and newspaper postings, photos and new content pages. The Webmaster will be posting to the blog on a regular basis with input from TLA staff and Board members and making any design changes to the website that they see will improve the user interface and the overall look of the website. The Webmaster performs regular checks to repair broken links and to fix issues with content such as videos, links and photographs.

The Webmaster will also be expected to optimize web site content for search engine marketing purposes and incorporating an e-commerce solution so that members can pay membership fees, submit donations and order products online. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in photography and/or the ability to manipulate photos for a high degree of presentation throughout the website.

The Webmaster will ensure that the site meets the requirements of members and the public, including those with disabilities. This will involve reviewing the user interface, website statistics and monitoring usage and traffic levels, checking that the site achieves a high position in search engines by employing search engine optimization techniques to improve rankings.

Required Education and/or Training, Experience and Skills:

  •  College and/or post-secondary education or training in any field
  • Previous Web maintenance/design/development experience and content creation
  • Proficiency in HTML and WordPress
  • Skilled with Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, MS Word and Excel
  • At least 2 past experiences with designing, maintaining and/or creation of a website.
References will be required upon request.

Please email your resume AND a cover letter describing your experience and skills as they relate to the position and include a paragraph of why you would like to become the Webmaster for the Temagami Lakes Association to: pjh@ontera.net.

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