TLA Committee Structure and Chairs


Archives Carol Lowery, Biff Lowery
Business Chip Kittredge, Ted Tichinoff, Gerry Kluwak
Bylaws Will Goodman, Gerry Kluwak, Ted Tichinoff
Communications (TLA publications, website, local PR outreach) Chip Kittredge, Peter Healy, Will Goodman
Elections Ted Tichinoff, Gerry Kluwak, Peter Healy
Finance David McFarlane, Ted Tichinoff, Peter Healy, Pete Calverley, Chip Kittredge
Fish and Wildlife Pete Calverley, Justin Metz, Chip Kittredge
Marine Safety Angus Scully, David McFarlane
Membership and Events David McFarlane, Pete Calverley, Peter Healy, Chip Kittredge
Natural Resources (forestry, mining, campsites and trails) Andrew Healy, Jim Hasler, Chip Kittredge, Pete Calverley, Justin Metz
Planning Andrew Healy, Chip Kittredge, Ted Tichinoff, Claire Rannie, Jim Hasler
Protection Persons and Property Peter Healy, Will Goodman
TLA Seasonal Operations and Services Chip Kittredge, Andrew Healy, David McFarlane, Ted Tichinoff, Gerry Kluwak
Taxes and Municipal Issues Tim Richardson, David McFarlane, Peter Healy, Will Goodman
Water Quality, Waste Disposal Ted Tichinoff, Andrew Healy, Tim Richardson, David McFarlane, Pete Calverley, Murray Richardson