Welcome Diana Van Vlymen and Daniel Sauvé

The TLA would like to welcome Diana and Daniel who are the successful candidates for the Environmental Monitoring, Maintenance and Administration program.

Diana Van Vlymen

Diana Van Vlymen

I was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario, where I spent the first fourteen years of my life. I subsequently spent four years in Airdrie Alberta (about twenty kilometres north of Calgary), attending a small high school, after my parents’ jobs were transferred. I currently live in Kingston Ontario with my brother Anthony, and attend Queen’s University. I am returning in September for my fourth and final year in the BScH Life Sciences program, which covers the three sciences with a focus on mammals.

My parents own an island on Lake Temagami, and the first time I came to the cottage was around September 1991, in a baby carrier with a mosquito net! My paternal grandparents bought the cottage in 1964, and our family’s grown along with our small forest. I’ve always loved the lake and recall fond memories of learning to fish, paddling a piece of foam around the island as a makeshift canoe, and blueberry picking in Shiningwood Bay (though I won’t say where; it’s a secret). We’ve survived many a thunderstorm, including one that nearly set our cottage on fire, and even a near tornado, but I think Temagami is one of the best places on this planet. I enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking, waterskiing, and windsurfing on the lake, and hope to enjoy summers here throughout my life.

I always enjoy meeting others with a passion for this lake, and I look forward to meeting many cottagers in my time working for the TLA!

Daniel  Sauvé

Daniel Sauvé

My name is Daniel Sauvé and I am one of the students working with the Temagami Lakes Association this summer to monitor the water of Lake Temagami to ensure that the lake is able to maintain its high degree of quality and cleanliness.

I am currently in between my third and fourth year of my undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa in Environmental Science specializing in environmental geochemistry and ecotoxicology.  My coursework fits perfectly with the type of work I will be doing on the lake this summer.

My interest in Lake Temagami comes from my family’s history with the area.  My great grandparents first began coming to Temagami in the 1920’s to camp at Finlayson Point and in the 1950s my grandfather and great-grandfather built our family cottage on Bell Island.  Ever since then, our family has called Temagami our home for the summer months and we continue to be amazed with the natural beauty Lake Temagami holds. This is the place I learned to swim, to drive an outboard, canoe and sail. This year, I am hoping to add windsurfing to that list. I am looking forward to meeting many of the members of the Temagami Lakes Association during the summer, on the lake or at the office.  I am happy to be part of the effort to maintain Temagami’s impeccable beauty through monitoring and understanding the water quality of the lake.


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